5 minute overview

ProcurementFlow.com solves common problems in hospitality procurement and increase profitability.

1) No procurement centralisation
2) Limited purchasing power
3) Missing or limited transparency
4) Complicated approval flow
5) Ineffective supplier relationship management

Features for hospitality procurement

of Purchase Requests (PR). Procurement Office can collect all requests for goods and services easily and transparently to Procurement KANBAN Board.

There are several options to funnel all Purchase request into procurement

Split and bundle function allows to either bundle multiple requests and consolidate volumes from different locations

Assign requests to procurement team members according to their product categories, availability or expertise.

Collaboration Feed allows to communicate with internal and external stakeholders and every update, comment is stored and visible for users.

Ensure transparency and audit-trail through entire procurement flow.

Dynamic approval flow to meet custom workflow and to simplify everyones life.

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Procurement Flow benefits

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

All communications with potential and existing Suppliers. Contracts, conditions, spend, quality incidents, past and planned events are all captured from single source.

Requisitions and Approvals even through smartphone

Need for new goods or services reach Purchasing department through system. Time saved for Purchasing team thanks to easy to start approval workflows.

Collaborative Purchasing

Involve requestors into R&D discussions with potential Suppliers without losing control over process. Benefit from Suppliers Innovations and know-how.

Supplier Portal

Let Suppliers do more! Move the communication with potential and existing Suppliers away from personal mailboxes.