Fully Digitize  Procurement Workflow

Successful team needs:

  • Solution that Supports entire Source-to-Pay Process
  • Simple way to keep Communication and Process in Sync
  • Easy Supplier Relationships and Contracts Management (SRM)
  • Smart Analytics and Procurement KPIs

Brings clarity where it's needed the most

  • All process steps in one page
  • New requests can be assigned to or pulled by Purchasers
  • Purchasers can drag-and-drop request between steps
  • Everyone knows who is working with what and what is the latest status
Centralize Procurement

Funnel all Requests

Funnel all Purchase Requests Toghether to Procurement Kanbanboard

Everything starts with a request for direct or indirect goods or services.
Make sure that all requests are registered regardless how they reach Procurement - by e-mail, with Excel or through Requester Portal.
This is just a starting point, you can customise it to fit your exact workflow and needs.

Purchase Requests funneling
Gain from Procurement Flexibility

Split Request between RFIs, RFPs and POs

Split Request between RFIs, RFPs and POs

Procurement knows their work and suppliers at best and needs to have flexibility in their work. With ProcurementFlow.com purchasers can decide how they want to split PR with more than 1 rows. It is possible to process each item separately or in groups and move items to RFI / RFP /RFQ or directly to PO.

Consolidate Volumes

Bundle Multiple Requests to Single RFI, RFP or PO

BundleMultiple Requests to Single RFI, RFP or PO

To get volume effect or reduce amount of POs then multiple requests can be bundled into one RFI /RFP /RFQ or PO. Just drag Request items inside already existing card and rename card title the way you want.

Utilize Team Competences

Divide Work

BundleMultiple Requests to Single RFI, RFP or PO

Procurement teams are extremely hardworking and it is important to balance their workload. With simple user assign feature, procurement leaders can divide the work among the team by workload or by experience. What is most important is that everyone knows who's working with what and what is the latest status.

Assign Purchase Request to Buyer to handle
Reduce Time-To-Market

Instantly Release RFIs and RFPs

Instantly Release RFIs and RFPs

Built in eSourcing, introducing extreme efficiency in sending out sourcing events. Suppliers can be simply added via email or picked from SRM and with just 5 minutes users can send out RFI/RFP or RFQ to tens of suppliers. Procurement hasn't ever been that agile. Time-to-Market for new products can be improved up to 50%

Start eSourcing
Introduce Supplier Led Innovation

Create Collaboration Channels

Create Collaboration Channels

Supplier Led Innovation requires to set up firm communication channels so that right people from supplier side can discuss with right people from your side. What is best is that procurement teams will always be in a loop of all communications.

Outperform OTD target

Release PO and Track Statuses

Source to Pay process statuses

Track statuses. Nothing important is missed. Every update is seen on Kanban board and all changes are tracked by activity feed. Procurement team does not need to act as phone operator since every requester is automatically notified when there are changes/updates linked with original request.

Keep Procurement in Order

Manage and Automate Procurement Workflow  

Procurement Workflow

Kanban visual board brings best in class transparency. Every important card is in front of the user and it is impossible to forget or miss critical request. By using filters users can filter the board by Project / Product / Supplier and that brings clear status overview to everyone.

Procurement Teamwork Kanban

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

All communication with potential and existing Suppliers. Contracts, conditions, spend, quality incidents, past and planned events are all captured from a single source.

Smart Automation & Notifications

Simple automated RFI/RFP/RFQ workflow. Predictive alerts to notify about process abnormalities. Automatically capture all updates, comments and link these with process.

Supplier Portal


Let Suppliers do more! Move the communication with potential and existing Suppliers away from personal mailboxes and let suppliers to update their details or use it to send out important updates.

Requisitions and Approvals even through smartphone

Needs for goods or services reach Purchasing department through system. Time saved for Purchasing team thanks to easy to start approval workflows.

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