Though ProcurementFlow can be used successfully without any Integrations, connecting it with ERP streamlines the process even more.

Without Integrations

Without Integrations
As a cloud-based platform, it is easy to make jump-start and get everyone on board during one day. New users are taken to "plain vanilla" version without any previous data entry. Just create Requests, add Suppliers, Project and Department names as you go through the system. If there is an existing Request with several line Items (i.e Bill of Materials) then Excel upload is the easiest way to get requests in. All existing Suppliers, and their Contact persons can be uploaded through Excel.

Integration options

Integration Options
ProcurementFlow comes with Open API  - this enables custom integrations and automate processes even further.
Everything user can do can be done through API as well - and much more.

The main use cases are integrating with existing internal Requisitions system (SharePoint Portal, Intranet etc) so all requests end up in Procurement team digital workspace automatically.

Sourcing can be executed through e-tendering or Source-to-Pay software, statuses are managed and updated through ProcurementFlow automatically.

Purchase Orders
There is two options:
1. PO-s are issued from ProcurementFlow and sent directly to Suppliers. PO info and status is pushed to ERP.
2. PO-s are issued from ERP and sent to Suppliers directly. PO info and status is retrieved from ERP.

ProcurementFlow can be used for managing Incoming (quality) Inspection.
Integration with ERP or WMS enables to update status automatically.

There are several options how PO and Invoice match (2-way or 3-way) is done.
If there is existing Accounts Payable and Invoice matching process in place then ProcurementFlow will be used just to update and visualise the Invoice statuses for Procurement team.

ProcurementFlow is also used for managing Invoice approval process digitally as Requester, PO and Receiving information is all in the system and 3-way match can be done automatically or confirmed by appropriate users, before Invoice is can be accepted and sent to Accounts Payables.
After digital approval flow, the Invoice is sent to Accounting (ERP) with all approver’s comments and required cost allocation info.
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Please contact us for Open API documentation and other integration options.