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Digital workspace and collaboration platform for transforming procurement teams into Procurement Rockstars!

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Make procurement flow!

Intensive work leads to stress and causes work errors!

Procurement teams are in the middle of information. Goods and services are requested continuously and loosing track on these might lead to business disruptions.

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Only tool which is built to support procurement teams!

Best practices from Procurement in its core are combined with world class development solutions.

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Extra team member for your teams!

One screen overview page makes sure that team effort is put into right place.

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Turn biggest cost function into a profit generator!

Reduce time-to-market, enhance cash flow and improve (internal) customer satisfaction.

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We remove work stress & reduce errors!

Procurement teams are at the centre of information. Goods and service orders are the lifeblood of business, and losing track of this flow will lead to business disruptions.

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The only purpose-built tool to help procurement teams!

A fast, lightweight and powerful approach to procurement workflow management. Smart work arrangement & automation enables to save everyones time.

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Deliver value, not key performance indicators!

Transform from trusted operator into strategic contributor

Bring everyone on board

Procurement early involvement is a must! Enable requestors to make requests and get status overview easily.
Stop working in the dark! 
Collaborate with business counterparts through simple platform.
Boost internal cooperation!

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KANBAN for Procurement

Bring Lean thinking into your procurement flow by using the Kanban method! Organise and improve the work in your organisation by visualising the process steps in a an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Brings everyone on board

Making requests and purchase orders has never been easier. Everyone will be totally hooked after first clicks. No more pain with accesses and user rights. Natural working environment is emphasised again.

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Kanban for Procurement

Easily drag and drop items for Purchasing or Sourcing. Split and bundle all types of Requests as you think best. Built to support in-house flexibility and intuitive way of working.

Collaborative Purchasing supports Innovation

Everyone from your team, R&D or even outside from your organisation can be brought in to any vital discussions. Comments can be posted at all times & activity feed captures every incremental change. Entire team is always on a same page.

Made for Procurement

A cloud-based system for organising the purchasing of products and services.

Visualized Teamwork

All Process Steps from Purchase Request to paid Invoice can be tracked and managed from single Kanban Board. Requests can be split or bund.

Collaborative Purchasing

Involve requestors into R&D discussions with Potential Suppliers, but without loosing control over process.

Manage all requisitions from one place

One channel for all purchase requests. Either goods, services and, subscriptions can be Requests can be bundled into one or split into multiple Purchase Orders.

Supplier Relationship and Contract Management

All data linked with suppliers are automatically stored on Supplier Page. Keep contracts, certificates and notes linked with supplier spend data. Knowledge transfer between purchasers is effortless.

What results are Procurement Flow users getting?

Using Procurement Flow we were able to improve X result by 33%, which led to decreases in overall cost better Y and better Z.

Yu Yan
Manager Zeho Factory

It's enabled us to better manage our contact system which has saved so much time!

Sarah Berkins
Procurement Admin EasyCars

Procurement Flow has reduced stress around the office, we're able to communicate better, share contacts and better define what we need and when we need it.

Nian Zhen
Procurement Specialist Champion Group

Save thousands

Procurement savings from better purchasing decisions, accurate deliveries and process automation

Working Solo

Free for 1 purchaser
No direct emailing to the suppliers (RFI, RFP, PO)
No direct emailing to the suppliers (RFI, RFP, PO)
  • Free Requestors (up to 10 unique)
  • Customer Support Email
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 100MB Attachment Data Storage
  • 500 PO transactions annually
  • Import/Export to Excel (permission)
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Switch or Cancel Anytime
-20% when Paid Annually
6-20 users
  • Everything in Smart Team

Smart Team

-20% when Paid Annually
up to 5 users
  • Everything in Working Solo
  • Free & Unlimited Requestors
  • 2TB Attachment Data Storage
  • Unlimited PO transactions annually
  • Chat Bot for Requests
  • Supplier Portal
  • Set up your team with our consultant for free
  • Workflow Automation
  • Customer Support Priority
  • ERP Integrations
  • API access
  • Smart emailing
  • User Permissions
  • SAML SSO (Single Sign-On)

Requestors & Approvals

Requestors can be anyone in your company who needs products or services to be purchased.

Approvals approve the orders and confirm that ordered goods or services are delivered.


For multiple teams/locations and specific requirements, please contact


There is no hidden fees for Suppliers. They can use your company’s Supplier Portal for free. Supplier portal is included in Purchasing Team monthly plan.

Pricing without VAT

VAT will be added to EU customers based on the Member State VAT rate where the customer is located unless a VAT number is provided.

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