4 Tips for Increasing Teamwork Efficiency

Without teams we would be lonely wolves trying to complete tasks which may be too great to conquer. Teams are successful in many reasons.

Think about basketball team, lineup of 5 is formed by players who have different skills, some are shooters who need to score points. Usually there is one who is extremely good in dribbling and tackling and then there is typically a tall center who is best in defending basket and grabbing rebounds. Team who would only consist of great shooters most probably will not be too successful.

Applying that to Business and Procurement then again best teams are formed by different types of people. Ideal Skill set in Procurement would be negotiation, analytical thinking, teamwork, creativity, financial.

As said Teamwork is one of the skills which is required in Procurement, but also in almost any other area what one could think of.

What is teamwork skill?

It is actually a pack of various personal attributes which when put together combine teamwork skill.

  • Working with a group of people to achieve a shared goal
  • Listening Everyone
  • Value all Opinions
  • Respecting Others
  • Taking Personal Responsibility 
  • Being open Minded
  • Influencing and Persuasion skills
  • Presenting / Pitching skills

4 Tips for Increasing Teamwork Efficiency

  1. Empowering Teamwork through Collaboration
  2. Keep all Tasks under same Roof
  3. Priorities according to Business Needs
  4. Recognition and Gamification

Procurement Flow is built to increase teamwork efficiency. “Kanban” Board helps to visualise all Team tasks and keep priorities. Everyone knows what others are doing and at any time questions, comments can be added. Team KPIs keep everyone motivated.

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