Employee Demotivation

Usually we all start something new with enthusiasm and motivation. Thinking back to first day at school, new workplace or new relationship. Not always, but often after time goes by we have less and less motivation.

Why does motivation fade?

  • Feeling not important - it goes down to lack of recognition and gamification, if we come to work day after day, year after year and no-one really acknowledge on what we do, then we do not want to continue this same way forever.
  • Lack of flexibility - tasks can be handled in many ways. We would also like to be flexible on where we work and when. Obviously not everything can be completely opened, but once set into very strict boundaries we feel some sort of weight on our shoulders and starts to eat motivation.
  • Routine - there is nothing wrong in routine and in fact very many of us enjoy it. However, when this routine starts to take out all working time and there isn’t any time left for thinking, then this does not increase motivation
  • Conflict - conflict in the workplace is detrimental. There is nothing wrong in good debate and intensive discussion which is often productive, but it’s important to keep an eye out for any workplace bullying. 
  • Social Isolation - one of the worst things is to be socially isolated, if there isn’t anyone to talk to we very quickly become depressed and feel demotivated.
  • No Development - regular training is important, it takes us out from comfort zone and at the same time employer shows its willingness to invest into people. Most of the people are interested to learn some new skills or get new ideas. Without development we quickly feel demotivated.
  • Unrealistic Workload - backlog needs to be realistic and there needs to be a light at the end of the tunnel. If someone feels overburdened by a large, workload they can soon become stressed and lose motivation. At the same time, if an employee has a workload that’s too thin might quickly lose interest.

Procurement Flow is built to motivate teams. Everyones workload is visually seen and there are flexible ways to solve upcoming tasks. It supports remote work and flexible working hours. Team KPIs are recognising everyone’s activities.

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