ISTF 2020, the industrial matchmaking event of the year (December the 9th)

We’re happy to invite you to the ISTF 2020, Industrial Subcontracting Fair on December the 9th, organised by ProcurementFlow. It’s a virtual matchmaking event for connecting EU manufacturers and suppliers. 

ISTF2020 brings virtual matchmaking to a new level. During this 1-day event, you can meet hundreds of new potential business partners and lay the foundation for your successful business year of 2021. The event also involves keynote speeches and product launches. 

Why should you attend? 

Why this event and why now? Well, not to bring up the c-word again, but face to face events don’t seem to happen any time soon. 

This event is your opportunity to: 

  • Make personal connections - we know that the best business happens in person but we offer you the next best thing. 
  • Transform your supply chain - relocating your supply base and moving suppliers closer to home is more important than ever. 
  • Find new suppliers and reduce costs for the buyers 
  • Find new sales opportunities for the suppliers 

What’s in it for the buyers? 

Find new subcontractors and get acquainted with new technologies. All the subcontractors are divided into several categories so you can easily navigate hundreds of businesses in just 1 day. 

What’s in it for the suppliers?

Connect with technical buyers and engineers and show off your products. 

Who will be there? 

ISTF2020 brings together European manufacturing companies with innovative subcontractors in Europe. It aims to shift the manufacturing footprint and turn Europe into a global smart manufacturing hub. Exhibition main categories are: 

  • Engineered and Manufactured Parts,
  • Innovative Raw Materials,
  • Energy Solutions,
  • Digital Manufacturing Solutions.

Register HERE and join us at the industrial matchmaking event of the year! 

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