Press Release: New procurement painkiller released at Digital Procurement World 2019

Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. (September 19, 2019) - Today on the first day of Digital Procurement World Conference, a long-awaited procurement transformation software is publicly released.

“When talking about digital procurement transformation, startups ought to be part of the conversation. I’m happy that this event is the global epicenter of procurement industry know-how and innovation launchpad” said Matthias Gutzmann, organiser of DPW 2019 Conference.

Procurement strikes back

“Procurement is often regarded as only a cost unit since typically 50% of revenue is spent on procurement alone. However, based on my experience procurement has a major effect on company’s bottom-line and enables procurement teams to become as important as sales people” said Tarmo Saidla, CEO of  

“When a typical sales team is armed with CRM to manage customer relations and sales process then a procurement team may not have as powerful tools. benefits procurement similarly as CRM benefits sales,” added Marius Arras, co-founder of

Fierce local and global competition requires rapid product and service innovation from all organizations. This has made things even worse for procurement. Companies depend on their supply chain and desperately need to bring in supplier led innovation in order to be competitive. “Until now there was no software to enable procurement organizations to tackle this challenge,” added Arras.  

Bring love back to procurement

Similarly, to companies in manufacturing and construction industries which profit from collaboration and teamwork management – the main features offered by, all companies with the collaboration triangle between requester-procurement-supplier can benefit from this platform.

Procurement teams love to see the entire source-to-pay process and related communication from one place, especially when it’s connected to suppliers through easy to use Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) features, added Saidla. streamlines workflow by connecting internal andexternal partners and keeping procurement process and collaboration in flow. is a cloud-based platform which radically changes how procurement function works. is founded by procurement people and made for procurement teams to manage their work and cooperation with internal and external partners.  

About Digital Procurement World

Digital Procurement World is the largest community of digital procurement leaders and the only conference that brings together the entire digital procurement ecosystem from enterprise to big tech, startups, VCs/investors, industry analysts, media & press – representing every sector of the industry.  DPW 2019 takes place on 18-19 September 2019 in Amsterdam with over 420 attendees from 33 countries.

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