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Our cloud-based platform allows you to have a hassle-free implementation without having to go through a long implementation period. We will guide you guides you through every step of the way from the very beginning to the end.

Typical implementation  

First and foremost, we will schedule a phone call with you to assess your company's need. When you decided to use our product we can start the onboarding process right away. Our onboarding process follows *Key user logic, which is one person from your company will be designated to be trained on our our platform and Key user will delegate the information to the team members.

ProcurementFlow onboarding process

1. Schedule video conference for demonstration.
2. Hands-on Demonstration of functionality of ProcurementFlow.
3. Setting up accounts and giving access to your team members.
4. Data import
5. Launch

*Key user logic: ProcurementFlow <-> Key user <-> Team members</-></->


No IT required (No servers or installations needed)

Things to prepare:
- Details of your company
- List of suppliers and supplier contact information in Excel for data import.
- List of names and addresses of users

If you wish to add more security and automation, your IT personnel can help with following:

1) If you wish to receive purchase requests via e-mail and want it to be in your organisation domain, then please ask your IT personnel to perform simple e-mail diverting. procurement@yourcompanydomain.com --> yourcompanyname@pr.procurementflow.com

2) For improved the security, IT personnel can provide us with your company's IP address from where users can access ProcurementFlow.com

3) To add more security, we can help you set up with Single Sign-on with Active Directory or Google Authenticator.

Agenda on implementation day

10:00 Team meeting video 30-min overview with team 
10:30 Hands-on demonstration where buyers of your team have already access to the ProcurementFlow.com demo organisation
11:15-12:00 Discussions
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00 Preparation for data import
14:00 Import Suppliers and contacts list
16:00 Team goes back to work and continue working with ProcurementFlow

ProcurementFlow Support

We would love to help further. Not only we will get you squared away from the beginning, but even after launch. Please contact us at support@procurementflow.com

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