Getting Started - How to forward incoming email to ProcurementFlow

When you set up ProcurementFlow, you have one related email address: (Where, of course, myaccount is the name of your company). Emails received at this address become Purchase Requests.

In order to receive purchase requests from the email to ProcurementFlow Kanban board there are simple steps to follow:

1. Go to Company details to pull up your company details. On Company details you will be able to enter your company address, upload company logo, add new users, and find your designated ProcurementFlow email address.

2. When you have an email address in use you can simply forward incoming emails to to receive the purchase requests.

Follow the steps for your email provider to set up forwarding.

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
Google Gmail and G Suite
Yahoo Mail

3. On the Security field, you can find a unique email address. This email address is link to ProcurementFlow Purchase Request Column where you can centralise your purchase requests. Your IT department can create an email address (If you don't have one in use), which is easy to remember, such as, and forward incoming emails directly to ProcurementFlow. Key-user can find the address under the "Company details."

4. If you would like to limit the domains that can send purchase request, you can click Edit to list the domains, which can send purchase requests.

If listing multiple domains, please comma to separate the domains.

5. Here is an email draft that you can send to your IT specialist.

Dear IT,

We are starting to use cloud-based procurement software, which enables us to manage incoming PR's.
In order for us to receive emails directly ProcFlow. Please do following:

Forward to (we can leave to copy of the incoming email messages to our server as well).

I, as a key-user of, can set up whitelisting to ensure the security, which purchase request sent form our domain and which can be received.

Here is more information regarding the email forwarding process:

Best regards,


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