How to initiate/manage Approval Workflow

This manual will be divided into two section. One for requesters and the other for approvers.

Instructions for Requesters

1. Click on the purchase request that you need to start an approval workflow.
2. Please tick the box on the bottom left corner.

3. On the screen below, you can review the approval before submitting. In order to start, please click Start Approval Workflow.

4. When information about approvers are filled out please click on ( + ) to add the approver.

5. Next, you can fill out relevant information regarding approvers and click on Send to Approval. When it's submitted approvers will be notified by email about approval request submitted. To approve/reject the approval request, approvers can utilize Approvers Portal on their phones as well as on their computers.

6. If you wish to proceed a parallel approval workflow you can set the Sequence # as the same numerical value. Whereas for a sequential approval workflow you can set as sequential numeric value so that event can happen sequentially.

7. When you need to edit the content of the approval workflow you can click on Stop the Workflow to go back to the previous stage of the approval workflow.

8. Finally, when you need to have an overview of where each approval request is currently at you can click on Approvals to check the each requests statuses.

Instructions for Approvers

1. For approvers to manage approval requests, simply sign in to ProcurementFlow Approvers Portal.

2. As you can see from the above approvers can have an overview of the current requests. To see more details about a specific request simply click on the request that you want to see.

3. When you click on the request ProcurementFlow will direct you to the detail screen where you can obtain relevant information regarding pending approval request.

Figure 1 - Gives a snapshot of the approval request for approvers to see.
Figure 2 - Provides comments from the buyers about the current approval request.
Figure 3 - Information about the Purchase Request such as Project, Department, Cost Centre, etc.

4. You can track the status of the approval request by the color of the request row.

Blue - In Process
Green - Approved
Red - Declined

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