How to start an eSourcing event

Implementing eSourcing let you compare multiple suppliers offer and make the best decision on nominating a supplier.

1. Open up a Sourcing card that you want to start eSourcing.

2. Select eSourcing option.

3. Fill in sourcing event name, response deadline, and additional info for your suppliers to notify them about the current sourcing event.

4. To ask questions to suppliers regarding the current sourcing event, you can add questions by clicking Add question.

5. To set item level requirements for suppliers to follow, please tick the box to add specific requirements.

🔗 - Link
SC - Supplier Code
CF - Custom Field

6. After finishing previous steps, please click Save.

7. Please add suppliers to send a eSourcing event notifications to and click send RFQ when ready.

8. When you are finished with selecting the suppliers and drafting the email, please click send RFQ to send the email notifications to selected suppliers.

9. Suppliers will receive a notification and directed to submit their offer on ProcurementFlow Supplier Portal.

10. Suppliers will fill out relevant information that you set to submit their offers.

11. When the suppliers submit there offers you can make a informed decision at one glance.

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