How to import Suppliers to ProcurementFlow SRM

You can easily import supplier list (XLS, XLSX and CSV) to ProcurementFlow.

The ProcurementFlow Supplier List Excel structure (15KB)

1. Go to ProcurementFlow main page and click on top menu Suppliers & Contracts.

2. Click on Add new supplier to add your list to the current supplier list.

3. Click on Upload Excel to start import your list of suppliers.

4. Click Drag and drop your product list Excel/CSV file here to upload your file or Drag-and-drop your file directly to the space shown.

Note: If you need a template for your Excel sheet, you can click link below to download our sample spread sheet. You can enter your own data and import when you need to.

The ProcurementFlow Supplier List Excel structure (15KB)

5. When your Excel sheet is uploaded click Import to continue.