How to create a Purchase Request

In ProcurementFlow you can receive Purchase Requests by email or create it manually.

1. After setting up an email flow to ProcurementFlow, requesters can send their purchase requests and it will automatically appear on ProcurementFlow Kanban board.

2. If you would like to create a purchase request manually, you can click on (+) icon to create an item for a purchase request.

3. Click on (+) ProcurementFlow will direct you to the screen shown below for you to enter the items for the purchase request. You can add product, service, and upload Excel files.

4. When you are uploading an Excel file, the file has to be in the format, which is provided on the bottom of the screen. After restructuring your Excel file you can upload it by dragging and dropping the file on SPREADSHEET TO IMPORT section to import the data. Click Import when finished.

5. Now, as you can see on the screen below the item has been added to the purchase request.

6. If you wish to add more items to your Purchase Request you can visit How to add Items on a Purchase Request.